A simple ACMEv2 client for Windows (for use with Let's Encrypt et al.)


This is a ACMEv2 client for Windows that aims to be very simple to start with, but powerful enough to grow into almost every scenario.

  • A very simple interface to create and install certificates on a local IIS server
  • A more advanced interface for many other use cases, including Apache and Exchange
  • Automatically creates a scheduled task to renew certificates when needed
  • Get certificates with wildcards (*, international names (证书, OCSP Must Staple extension (optional).
  • Re-use private keys for DANE, use EC crypto or bring your own CSR
  • Advanced toolkit for DNS, HTTP and TLS validation: SFTP/FTPS, acme-dns, Azure, Route53, Cloudflare and many more
  • Store your certificates where and how you want them: Windows, IIS Central Store, .pem files, .pfx file or KeyVault
  • Compatible with all popular ACME services, including Let’s Encrypt, ZeroSSL, DigiCert, Sectigo, Buypass, Keyon and others…
  • Completely unattended operation from the command line
  • Other forms of automation through manipulation of .json files
  • Write your own Powershell .ps1 scripts to handle installation and validation
  • Build your own plugins with C#



Getting started

Download the .zip file from the download menu, unpack it to a location on your hard disk and run wacs.exe.

Alternatively install .NET Core, run dotnet tool install win-acme --global and then wacs.exe.

Getting help

If you require assistance please check the manual first before looking for support.