A simple ACMEv2 client for Windows (for use with Let's Encrypt et al.)

Migration from v1.9.5+ to v1.9.9

This version introduced the ability to store information about renewals in a file instead of the registry. This has several advantages including easier replication, backups, etc.

By default this is only enable for new clean installs, but you can migrate manually if you want to. This assumes you already followed the v1.9.5 steps, or your initial install was on that version or higher. If not, replace HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE with HKEY_CURRENT_USER and %programdata% with %appdata%.

  • Start regedit.exe
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\letsencrypt-win-simple\
  • For each key there take the following steps:
    • Find the matching folder in your ConfigurationPath, which defaults to %programdata%\letsencrypt-win-simple
      • E.g. the key matches with the folder
    • Create a new file named Renewals in the matching folder
    • Copy the contents of the registry subkey Renewals to that file
  • Delete or rename HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\letsencrypt-win-simple\ to make sure the program doesn’t find it anymore.